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Post by highlights on Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:46 pm

First of all, welcome to the forum! We are Red Velvet International fan forum!
Of course there are some rules to follow here so that this forum can be more organized and clean.
So here are the rules that you have to follow:

1. Do not spam - Do not double post. And every post should have minimum 15 words.
2. Do not bash any Red Velvet member and/or RVI (Red Velvet International) members. Also do not curse and do not swear.
3. No sexually explicit material is allowed (in any form).
4. Display name couldn't be Red Velvet or any other group member's name and also the group name, Red Velvet.
   Example: BaeIrene (x)  iloveirene (o),  Yoona (x)   foryoon (o)
5. Do not use excessive emoticons, or "haha" "lol" "rofl" to reach the minimum words.
6. If you accidentally double post, please report to Leader or any moderator to delete one of your comment.
7. Do not make duplicate threads. Please check before making any threads.
8. Going off topic and personal chat too long on a topic is not allowed except for spazz thread and member's spam place.
9. If you're going to post pictures that are in high quality and large size please use spoiler. Please DM me or any moderator if you don't know how to use spoiler.
10. Please credit your sources whenever you post photos, news, etc. Please give respect to the owner.
11. Do not link to other site!!
12. Please remember that each violation you made, you'll gained warning points.
13. SPEAK ENGLISH ALL THE TIME. Because this is an international forum. You can also speak your mother language when a specific thread is made.


1. maximum of 2 banners (300x100) or 3 icons (100x100). Or 1 banner and 2 icons. Blinkies are also counted as banners.
2. Maximum of line is 3 lines.
3. No embedding streaming links and so on on signature.
4. Icon / Avatar couldn't be bigger than 250x250 in size.

Do enjoy your stay here and have fun!! ^.^

-Forum Leader-


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