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Post by highlights on Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:53 pm

This is a place where you can share your artwork or graphic about Red Velvet. Other idols are allowed too but mainly Red Velvet. If you don't have Red Velvet on the post then sorry, we'll have to delete it. If you want to take other's artwork, please give credit AND ask to the owner first. If you're sharing your artwork, please know that other people can download and use your work.

Also, please don't make several topics today. Make it all in one thread. We want to keep the forum organized.

We allow you to make any size of avatars and banners but those which can be use in our forum as avatar or signature will still be the one in our forum rules. You should follow all forum rules here too.

Here are the tag when you want to post (make a topic):
[ICONS] only for icons. (post minimal 9 icons in one post / when you start)
[BANNERS] for banners. (post minimal 4 banners in one post / when you start)
[POSTERS] for posters. (post minimal 2 posters in one post / when you start)
[VARIOUS] If you want to post many things, and want to keep updating the thread like that (icons, banners, poster, etc)
[GIF] for GIFs only.
[WALL] for Wallpapers and backgrounds.
[FANART] for fanart (drawing; can be by hand, can be digital)
[MISC] for anything else (e.g. Cap design, t-shirt design, logo design, manipulated images)
[REQ] if you want to request someone to do it for you.


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