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Post by Lai on Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:39 pm

So, literally got this from YT and honestly, I get that people are sensitive with this kind of topic, but do they think that RV meant such harm?
Some people can be really ignorant.
And, I wish that some people can be open-minded. We, the fans, aren't asking haters to like them but to understand that maybe the music video filming was out of their control.

1. The newspapers about Hiroshima, the scenes of 911, and the London Bus Crash were some of the demolitions and disasters that have happened in the past. In the lyrics, it tells us that demolitions in the world should stop and says they hope this kind of world wouldn't happen.
2. In 1:04 to 1:20 They use a lot of "Decalcomania Effect". The Decalcomania Effect is commonly used to express "surpassing the real world and having an IMAGINATIVE and IDEAL world" This signifies how they want to stop all the destruction.
3. In 1:21 to 1:27, They also use "Collage Theorem" which is a really famous art used by Picasso. This theorem shows "REPETITION" and describes to people how these things repeat but that they want to stop it.
4. There is a parrot in the opening part of the MV. Parrot was used for communicative messages in 100AD in Egypt, and it is a meaning of "Communication"
5. The parrot's feather has a meaning of "Cure". This MV talks a lot about helping and aiding people to happiness and "Cure" does have a lot of effect in that.
6. In 0:42 of the MV, Joy opens a door and there is a deer in the background with really long antlers. Deer antlers have been believed in Ancient China and Korea to be used as a material that connects the Living and the Dead, and Sky and Earth. It shows that they want to open a new door and orient a foreshadow of the past.
7. In 1:44 of the MV, Joy is biking and in the background, the members are dancing. But if you look at the Actual Background, there are paintings of Phoenixes, and Swans. Phoenixes have a meaning of "Life" and "Renewal"Swans have a meaning of "Love" and "Dreams"They want to show these destructions should never happen again.
8. Also, the members of Red Velvet wears 5 outfits. All of the 5 outfits consist of a Tennis Skirt, which is commonly used for Cheerleading. It shows that they want to cheer, have joy, and be happy.
9. The members of Red Velvet have these names: Irene, Joy, and Wendy.Joy, as you can clearly see, has a meaning of being "Happy" and being "Joyful"Wendy has a meaning of "Family"Irene has a meaning of "Peace"

Credit to: Paul Oh (YT user) aka the example of EDUCATED HUMAN that think before giving a hate..[/color]


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[DISC] No Hate, Just Love  Empty Re: [DISC] No Hate, Just Love

Post by Emi95chan on Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:03 am

I don't how much of it is truth but I don't think that SM would debut a group with a song called Happiness which lyrics have good meaning and making MV with anti-Japanese and anti-American images on purpose. I don't know, either it's a media play or just a stupid misunderstanding.

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Post by highlights on Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:30 am

Everything has been explained by Hello KPOP and I really like their explanation. You can check it out. Just type Red Velvet Happiness MV explanation or smth.


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[DISC] No Hate, Just Love  Empty Re: [DISC] No Hate, Just Love

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