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WENDY Profile and Facts Empty WENDY Profile and Facts

Post by highlights on Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:21 pm

Name: Son Seunghwan / Son Wendy
Stage Name: Wendy
D.O.B: February 21st, 1994
Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Education: Shattuck St. Mary Middle School, Richmond Hill High School
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Guitar, English

1. She was part of her school (Richmond Hill High School) choir, Vocal Fusion from 2010-2012.
2. She auditioned in 2011 Cube audition in Vancouver and was the #8 finalist.
3. She used to have a YouTube channel called WendyShon but the channel is no longer available.
4. She was casted in SM on 2012 in Canada.
5. She did a cover of Bruno Mars' Millionare with Youtuber Areu.
6. She used to play in a musical for her middle school, Shattuck St. Mary.
7. She once received a academic honour in grade 8th.
9. She used to be in her middle school's 12 girls golf squad.

Quotes: "My name Wendy means, 'a friend who gives help'. From now I will become a friend who will give you my music."

Credit to: VANCOUYA, Vocal Fusion Facebook, kiracle, justalyssaballs, Ahreu Kim Youtube, Shattuck St. Mary, Southern Minn Faribault Daily News, onmina, tsunami.


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