Red Velvet New Fan... Hello!!

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Red Velvet New Fan... Hello!!

Post by chel_chel on Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:17 am

Hello! Everyone! I'm Rachel... You can call me CHEL...
I'm a new fan of RV.. and... my bias is... uhm.. still haven't decided on it yet,.. hahaha...
i kept on going forth and back between joy and wendy...
i'm a 94 liner... i just turned 20 last month.. July....

i'm a big fan of exo.. i even worked as translator in EXO forum...
i like them so much that i don't decide on the bias because it will change everyday,,, haha
snsd too...

i'm from malaysia... and i'm currenty studying IT degree in a local uni....
i can speak several language fluently..
CHinese, malay, english, korean and japanese(little),...
i can speak fluently in all language except japanese...
i'm still in the process of learning japanese as i'm also taking that course in my uni...

so, that's all for now,,, bye2!


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Re: Red Velvet New Fan... Hello!!

Post by moondust on Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:18 am

Hello Chel!
I'm Kote, and I'm from Chile. I'm a big EXO-L too (God plz, I'm still laughing hard about the fandom name) and I'm a Kris/WYF biased<3 and a Seulgi biased<3.

Wow so many languages, I would really like to speak another language besides spanish and english ;;. I hope we get along, see u<3.


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