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Post by highlights on Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:33 pm

Members are allowed to post update picture but make sure the picture you posted hasn't been posted here yet.

Here's the tagging:
[OFFC] for official photos from SM Entertainment
[FANTAKEN] for fantaken pictures
[SCAN] for magazine scans, album preview scans, etc.
[PRE-DEBUT] for pre debut pictures of the girls.
[SNAPSHOT] are for photos that are taken with any camera, phone camera, and so on.
[CAPS] are for captures, whether from drama, shows, and so on.
[RADIO] for pictures taken at radio station.
[CF/AD] for photos from a CF or advertisement.
[NEWS] for photos taken from any news site such as Sports Seoul, Newsen, and so on.
[SPONSORED] For the girls pictures of them sponsoring thing. Usually outfits, bracelet, shoes, arm watch, etc.
[MERCH] for official goods only.
[SELCA] For the girls' selca.
[OTHER] For others that are not listed above.


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