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Post by highlights on Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:33 pm

01. Only post videos and audios (songs) here.
02. For official songs please post only official download links. All illegal downloading link of official songs (songs in album) will be deleted and member would be put in the warning list!
03. Use these tags when posting:
[SONG] for songs (no official songs)
[INSTRUMENTAL] for instrumental songs only.
[PERF] for performance
[DL] for videos to be downloaded
[SUB] for subbed videos.
[VAR] for variety shows (Weekly Idol, etc.)
[REAL] for reality shows
04. Don't post your own covers here.
05. For double tag, please use it for example: [DL/PERF]
06. Members are allowed to post but please follow the rules and don't forget to give credits.

Any questions could be asked to the forum leader. Highlights.

Thank you.


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